Coke Summer Japan

Coke Summer Japan

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  • Directed By: Buck
    Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
    Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
    Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
    Associate Creative Director: Yker Moreno
    Art Director: Nicolo Bianchino (Alex Mapar)
    Senior Producer: Kitty Dillard
    Production Coordinator: Stefania Consarino
    Storyboard: Thomas Schmid
    Design: Justin Fines, Yker Moreno, Thomas Schmid, Kyle Strope
    Look Development: Alex Mapar, Christopher Phillips
    Animatic: Olivia Blanc, William Trebutien
    Animation: Nicolo Bianchino, Olivia Blanc, Rocio Cogno, Chad Colby, Alex Mapar, Gonzalo Menevichian, Kyle Mowat, Josh Parker, Christopher Phillips, Fede Reano, Kyle Strope, William Trebutien
    Cg Lead: Ryan O’phelan
    Modeling/texturing: Meng-chwen (Joy) Tien, Arvid Volz
    Rigging: Ryan O’phelan
    3d Effects: Ryan O’phelan

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