Toonami: Exquisite Corpse | Adult Swim

Toonami: Exquisite Corpse | Adult Swim

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  • 03/31/2017
    Executive Producer:Roland Gauthier
    VFX Supervisor:Michael Kuehn
    Animation Director:Alex Tysowsky
    Production Manager:Tiffany Navarro Purkeypile
    Animation:Keith Sizemore
    Look Development and Lighting:Eric Gordon
    Comp:Terell Seitz
    Executive Producer:Chris Prynoski
    Executive Producer:Shannon Prynoski
    Supervising Producer:Ben Kalina
    Producer:Jennifer Ray
    Director:Simón Wilches-Castro
    Digital Compositing:Colin Fleming
    CG:Hinge Digital
    2D EFX:Edward Artinian
    2D EFX:Simón Wilches-Castro
    Henrique Barone
    Sean Buckelew
    Jesse James Dean
    Ryan Gillis
    Miguel Jiron
    Alicja Jasina
    Sean Glaze
    David Reilly
    Yawen Zheng
    Katie Tamboer
    Louis Morton
    Edward Artinian
    Kris Merc
    Brian Smee
    Grace Mi
    Katrina Ruzics
    Joseph Bennett
    Quique Rivera
    Einar Baldvin
    Peter Millard
    Jeanette Bonds
    Shoko Hara
    Grace Nayoon Rhee
    Lee HardCastle
    Robertino Zambrano
    Alex Grigg
    Guilherme Marcondes

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